01. The city is considering draining a small lake in order to [enlarge] the city dump.
02. We're hoping to build an extension to the house in order to [enlarge] our kitchen and living room areas.
03. The doctor noted that the glands in his neck were [enlarged].
04. The Italian government has committed itself to [enlarging] their peace-keeping force in the war-torn region by over 200 troops.
05. We got some old photos of my parents' wedding [enlarged] for them as a 50th anniversary present.
06. With this new software, we can [enlarge] and otherwise manipulate our photos on our computer.
07. The [enlargements] for our photos cost us about ten bucks.
08. I'd like to [enlarge] somewhat upon the proposal that I brought up at last week's meeting.
09. We'll need you to [enlarge] upon what you've said at our next meeting.
10. Your father has an [enlarged] liver, though we're not sure why at this point.
11. The [enlargement] of the recreation center is expected to cost around $1 million.
12. They have [enlarged] the arena to include more seating and a mini practice rink.
13. The volume of traffic in this area has increased to the point where officials are considering [enlarging] the bridge.
14. We couldn't get our photos blown up because the [enlarger] at the photo store isn't working at the moment.
15. The human heart grows by [enlargement] of cells, not cell multiplication, which means that a baby's heart contains the same number of cells as an adult's.
16. Elizabeth Brown once said that meeting people unlike oneself does not [enlarge] one's outlook; it only confirms one's idea that one is unique.
17. John Locke once observed that the purpose of law is to preserve and [enlarge] freedom.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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